Are you frustrated that routine tasks are often forgotten or completed to a low standard?


eOnTime™ provides a unique solution with the following main features:

reminders with all necessary details are emailed automatically when the task is due for commencement

automatic email reminders sent if the task is becomes overdue

automatically escalation to another staff member if the task becomes overdue

reminders sent in accordance with a perpetual calendar

eOnTime™ is set and forget, if nothing changes then do nothing

So what are routine tasks? These are tasks that require completion on a fixed and regular frequency such as weekly, monthly or annually.  Listed below is a small sample of the hundreds of routine tasks completed by back office and operations management staff.

  • submit BAS monthly or quarterly
  • remit superannuation monthly or quarterly
  • check stationery levels and re-order stock as required
  • prepare end of month accounting reports
  • follow-up debtors
  • stocktake
  • purchase stock
  • periodic safety inspections of equipment

With eOnTime™ you can put all necessary information relating to these tasks in one place for ease of management and reference.

You can get more information about eOnTime™ here.

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