Do you worry that routine projects will be delivered late?


And the most common reason is that people simply forget to do tasks as they become due (see discussion on forgetfulness).  Now you need worry no more because with eOnTime™ you automatically get:

an email reminder with all necessary details when the task is due to commence

an email reminder if the task becomes overdue

an email reminder for the project manager if a task becomes overdue

an email reminder for the project manager when all tasks are completed

reset upon completion for recurring projects

So what are routine projects?  These are operational projects that are executed time and time again that generally comprise multiple standard tasks completed by several people.  The difference is that each time the project may involve a different client or product, or maybe it is the same client but done routinely every year.  Examples include annual stocktake, introducing a new product line or a real estate agent selling a property.

The tasks that make up the project are always the same, just some of the details are different.  With eOnTime™ you group these tasks into a "Project template" that is then used as the basis of each new project, allowing a new project to be setup in less than a minute.

The project then goes into automatic management as eOnTime™ releases tasks and sends reminder emails.  As each task is completed it can then release other dependent tasks automatically.  The project manager is sent reminders if tasks become overdue.  The project manager is sent an email when all tasks are completed.  If it is a recurring project (e.g, annual stocktake), upon completion eOnTime™ will then reset for the next start date and all tasks are reset for the next time.

That's project management made easy with eOnTime™.

Because seeing is believing, why not contact us to arrange a demonstration.