Is compliance a big issue in your business?


Ensuring compliance is no easy matter because there are so many laws, rules and regulations.

But what is compliance?  It starts with knowing what to do and then ensuring that the appropriate people do what is required when it needs to be done.  So it is really just a subset of routine tasks that are executed within a business.  Compliance issues vary based on the size and nature of each business, however some very common examples are:

  • submit BAS monthly or quarterly (statutory compliance)
  • remit superannuation monthly or quarterly (statutory compliance)
  • running an annual emergency evacuation (Worksafe regulations)
  • periodic safety inspections of equipment (Worksafe regulations)

With eOnTime™ you can put all necessary information relating to all of your routine tasks (including compliance) in one place for ease of management and reference.  Then assign each task and set a schedule so eOnTime™ can start emailing quantum leap reminders that contain all the necessary information to complete the task efficiently and on time.  The escalation feature gives added assurance tasks will not be overlooked.

See how eOnTime™ can add structure to your process so you can easily manage compliance tasks and stay compliant.  Contact us to arrange a demonstration.