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Do your employees occasionally forget when or how to do routine tasks?  Work not completed correctly and/or on time can have consequences including loss of valuable time, credibility, business, even fines or penalties.

Do your staff members complain that there is not enough time to do everything and yet take way too long to do things and often achieve a low standard because procedures are not followed or are out of date?  There are hundreds of tasks carried out in an organisation and many appear very simple.  However, there is often a lot of detailed knowledge required.  Perhaps someone needs to prepare a document but cannot find the required file.  They may interrupt others for assistance in the search and if still unsuccessful, create a new file themselves.  So there can be disruption, confusion, loss of productivity and even doubling up.

Further problems can occur tasks are to be executed by new or stand-in staff not familiar with specifics.

eOnTime™ provides a solution to all of these problems.

Key features

automatic sending of task due reminder emails to ensure tasks are not forgotten. The emails can include work instructions and links to enable efficient and effective task execution.

automatic processing of task completion emails with optional audit trail for compliance and performance monitoring.

improved control with automatic escalation of overdue tasks.

automatic management of routine projects.

ezyFind page to quickly locate task work instructions, policies, guidelines, forms and other documents.

re-allocate work in seconds to easily manage staff changes or absence.

A new solution to an old problem

The primary function of eOnTime™ is ensuring staff do not forget when and/or how to execute routine tasks.  Task due email reminders are sent automatically according to a perpetual schedule.  Overdue tasks are automatically escalated to management for early intervention.  Task due and overdue reminders are only sent Monday to Friday inclusive.  A Task Log can be used to keep an audit trail of when tasks are completed which can assist with compliance and performance monitoring.


eOnTime™ is used to document the what, when, how and who of all tasks associated with running your organisation.  Clear and concise documentation ensures tasks can be executed in an optimal manner and to a high quality, which saves time and avoids confusion and frustration.  Documentation can be supported with links to web sites and email addresses and references to files and general information.  No task is too big or too small.  In fact, it is often the smallest tasks that cause the most grief as they are often not as simple as they may seem.  Task due reminder emails include all necessary details which improves execution quality and efficiency.

eOnTime™ also manages Projects, which comprise one or more tasks that can be grouped together for completion by one or more staff members.  Projects can be a once-off or recur at a specified frequency.  New projects can be set-up in seconds by using templates and then managed with minimal input because eOnTime™ automatically sends and receives emails and escalates Project tasks if they become overdue.

Proper data set-up in eOnTime™ ensures knowledge is retained. Staff changes can be implemented in eOnTime™ in less than a minute.  With eOnTime™ new staff can be independent and productive in less time, making changes less disruptive.

Also, with eOnTime™ you can also store policies, guidelines, forms and other documents so knowledge is retained and readily available along with work instructions via the ezyFind page.

So in summary, eOnTime™ enables people to use task work instructions in 3 ways:
1. when completing standalone routine tasks in accordance with a schedule (See 'Use cases - Routine tasks' and 'Use cases - Compliance')
2. when completing routine tasks that are part of a Project (See 'Use cases - Projects')
3. when completing a standalone routine task on an ad-hoc basis (via ezyFind) (See 'Use cases - Call centre')

eOnTime™ has powerful search and report capabilities.  For example, a standard report details routine tasks due for a specified user and time window, which is extremely useful when covering absences and inducting new employees.

With eOnTime™ your organisation will run more smoothly which improves employee morale and reduces staff turnover.


Set-up eOnTime™ with tasks and appropriate documentation and reap the following benefits:


tasks not forgotten

time saved as tasks are completed more efficiently

improved quality because all necessary information is readily at hand

easier training for new employees with less dispution

knowledge kept up to date

audit trail for compliance purposes

simplified management of routine projects

reduced disruption with less things going wrong

information is easier to find

staff absences easier to manage

easier capacity planning

contented staff

Future development

We are working on a new module to automatically allocate work from a job pool based on importance and skill.  Please contact us if you are interested in being part of the trial that precedes the official launch.

Want to know more?

You may have questions, so take a look at eOnTime™ FAQs, or contact us to arrange a demonstration.