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eOnTime™ features and benefits


eOnTime™ is an inexpensive cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform that assists in executing routine tasks efficiently and on time.

What it does

eOnTime™ can be used to store all of your standard operating procedures (SOPs), forms, policies and guidelines that comprise your Operations Manual.

Because scheduled tasks are easily forgotten, eOnTime™ automatically sends task due emails in accordance with a perpetual schedule.  Task overdue emails are sent automatically with escalation as required.  A Task Log can be used to keep an audit trail of when tasks are completed, which can assist with compliance and performance monitoring.

eOnTime™ also manages Projects that comprise tasks based on SOPs.  Projects can be a once-off or recur at a specified frequency.  Projects are based on a template so new projects can be set-up in less than a minute.  eOnTime™ automatically sends task due emails and receives completion emails to then release dependent tasks.  When necessary, task overdue emails are sent automatically and the matter escalated to the project manager. 


eOnTime™ enables you to use SOPs in 3 ways:
1. when completing standalone scheduled tasks (see 'Use cases - Scheduled tasks' and 'Use cases - Compliance')
2. when completing routine tasks that are part of a Project (see 'Use cases - Projects')
3. when completing an ad-hoc task via ezyFind (see sample data here)

eOnTime™ has powerful search and report capabilities.  For example, a standard report details scheduled tasks due for a specified user and time window, which is extremely powerful when covering absences and onboarding new employees.

With eOnTime™ your organisation will run more smoothly, which improves employee morale and reduces staff turnover.

Key features

automatic sending of scheduled task due emails that include SOPs and links to supporting information

automatic processing of task completion emails with optional audit trail for compliance and performance monitoring

improved transparency with automatic escalation of overdue tasks

automatic management of scheduled projects

ezyFind page to quickly locate task work instructions, policies, guidelines, forms and other documents (see sample data here)

re-allocate work in seconds to easily manage staff changes or absence

Key benefits

tasks not forgotten

time and money saved as tasks are completed more efficiently

improved quality because all necessary information is readily at hand


easier training for new employees with less dispution

knowledge more readily kept up to date

audit trail for compliance purposes

less time spent managing projects comprised of routine tasks

reduced disruption with less things going wrong

information easier to find

staff absences easier to manage

easier capacity planning

contented staff

Future development

We are working on a new module to automatically allocate work from a job pool based on importance and skill.  Please contact us if you are interested in being part of the trial that precedes the official launch.

Need to know more

Review the eOnTime™ FAQs.

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