Use eOnTime™ to get quantum leap reminders for your business

Imagine that from now on no-one in your company need ever forget when or how to do a routine task.

Well there is no need to imagine because we have the solution with eOnTime™, our cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform.

We are not talking about simple reminders; with eOnTime™ you get quantum leap reminders. These automatically generated reminders contain all the necessary information to enable users to do tasks efficiently and on time.

How?  Enter routine task work instructions (also known as SOP's) into eOnTime™, specify timing and responsibilities and link other information as necessary.  You can also store forms, policies and guidelines to have a complete Operations Manual.

And then?  Task due reminder emails including your detailed instructions are automatically sent in accordance with your perpetual calendar. This ensures that tasks are not forgotten, improves execution quality and efficiency and assists new staff to self train, all of which saves time and money.

Is that all?  Tasks can be grouped into projects that can be once off or recurring.  Because projects are based on a template, new projects can be set-up in less than a minute and then managed automatically with task due reminders. There is an ezyFind page that makes all SOPs, forms, policies and guidelines just a click away.

What about changes?  Personnel changes can be managed in less than a minute. Also, easily add and change content as necessary.

What are the main benefits?

Do not forget

Ensure routine tasks are not forgotten
With eOnTime™ you not only have task due reminders but, when necessary, overdue reminders sent to the responsible person and management.

time is money

Save time and money
Reduce operation costs because tasks are completed in less time.


Improve training with less disruption
Reduce onboarding costs because new back office staff learn faster with less assistance and disruption.


Retain knowledge
Use eOnTime™ to catalogue your complete Operations Manual.  Regular use of information improves the likelihood of updating.

thumbs up

Contented staff
With eOnTime™ tasks can be efficiently completed as they fall due which reduces stress.  This reduces conflict and improves job satisfaction, enthusiasm and staff retention.

What do users think?

"The emailing of reminders is the stand out feature.  The time taken to set up the system properly was very quickly paid back with improved productivity.  Since implementation we have had several key staff changes that have occurred very smoothly due in no small part to eOnTime™.  We started with about 150 routine tasks in 2005 and now have in excess of 400 because users voluntarily keep adding new items.  Users love it!!"  Ruben M, Managing Director

What does it cost?

The subscription price varies depending on several factors including the number of users and tasks.  Contact us for a quotation.

Want to know more?

You may have questions, so take a look at eOnTime™ FAQs, get more product information or contact us to arrange a demonstration or get links to two 3 minute videos hosted on YouTube that demonstrate the key functionality.